Pick A Geek Services

Network Installation and Support

Whether in the home or office Pick a Geek will make sure all your computers, printer,
Files are accessible.

Computer Setup

Just got a new computer? Want to bring some life back into your existing computer?
Pick a Geek will make sure your computer is setup and wired for optimal performance.

Computer Trouble Shooting and Repair

Got a problem you just can’t solve? Computer stopped working the way you want it?
Pick a Geek will make sure that your computer works for you and not the other way around.

Virus and Spyware Removal

Pops ups driving you crazy? Viruses causing you havoc? The Professionals at Pick a Geek will take care of those pesky problems and get you back on your computer in no time.

Computer Backup and Data Recovery

Hard drive crash caused you to lose all your files? Pick a Geek will back up your drive in the event of a disaster, or recover the data for those who over looked this important piece of computer hardware.

Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation

In this day and age, it is always good to have a backup plan. Pick a Geek will evaluate
and present a disaster recovery solution fit for any size company. We will make sure that a disaster will not affect your day to day business abilities.

Site Build Out And Server Upgrades

Looking to start your company on the right foot? Is it time to upgrade that old network?
Pick a Geek will evaluate your IT needs and present an affordable network solution for your company's needs, or evaluate and present an affordable server upgrade to fit your company's growing needs.

Website Design

You may need a website for your self or your company. We will design, develop and host your websites accordingly.

The designers are the IT professionals

We deploy the latest, cutting edge web design techniques

We host you with the state of the art facilities

We serve you on the 24/7 time frames.

*onsite rates may apply, please contact a Pick a Geek professional for details.


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